1. Emily is the author of recently published book Psychic Development for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Intuition & Psychic Gifts available for purchase on Amazon today!
2. Psychic Soul Radio, Emily presents a show about exploring topics such as psychic ability, mediumship, spirit communication, developing intuition and being aware of Spirit. Listen in as she explains in detail various topics, perspectives and knowledge on Spirituality and gives sample readings to callers. You can also download past episodes for free and learn more about psychic development.

3. ITunes Podcast  by Emily available to download for free. This podcast covers various topics on spirituality, psychic ability, spirit communication and also readings to live callers by Emily. Download now to learn more!


4. VICE & The Conjuring Interview: With over 320,000 views on Youtube, Emily was a featured expert for video done by VICE Media for the recently released film The Conjuring. 


5.  The Continual Condition Radio Show  based in New York City, Emily is a featured guest. Listen as Emily shares what it's like to be a psychic medium, how our intuition works and more!



6. Fordham University Paranormal Project Interview, Emily shares her journey on being a psychic medium, how Spirit Communication works and understanding psychic abilities.

7. Psychics Gone Wild Radio Show, Emily is a featured guest and gives intuitive and mediumship readings to callers live on air.

Articles By Emily

Emily consistently updates her blog and also writes articles for the press and online. She believes sharing knowledge and life experience are the best ways to enrich and grow as an individual. Please feel free to read through the articles below or follow Emily's Blog for updates on future articles. If you are interested in speaking with Emily about scheduling a reading or for an interview, visit her Contact Emily page.


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