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Spiritual Life Readings

In a spiritual life reading Emily will focus on the following:
1. Overall life purpose & path, i.e. what directions to take via career & other potential options
2. Your Spiritual development including potential blocks & how to overcome/release them
3. Potential future direction of intimate relationships and cutting cords to past relationships
4. Financial concerns & potential direction
5. Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones & How They Influence & Communicate with You
6. Messages from Spirit Guides/Deceased Loved Ones
7. Closure on difficult circumstances, situations and how to overcome life challenges

Note:**Emily does not answer questions about legal concerns, relationship affair/cheating issues, or provide medical diagnoses. If you are seeking insight on any of the following please consult a legal counselor, medical practitioner or relationship life coach.

Emily takes pride in empowering her clients to move towards their life purpose and living a more balanced & happier life. Her guidance and insight are not to be used as a substitute for professional help and counsel regarding grief, loss, mental or emotional health or overall well-being.

Phone/Skype Readings

Emily also provides psychic medium readings by phone and Skype. The process to connect with your energy and Spirit is very similar to an in-person reading and sometimes preferred for clients as they tend to be more relaxed and comfortable in their own home.The process can also be easier due to the lack of visual distractions such as facial cues, body language and eye contact. Book a reading today below to secure an appointment with Emily!

Phone and Skype readings are also highly recommended for those who don't have flexible schedules or don't live in the tri-state area.
In order to be prepared for your session, Please visit how to Prepare for your Reading for details on how to be ready and open.

*In person readings also include an optional recording of the reading which will be provided after.*

By law, all readings are for the purpose of entertainment only. Readings are subject to your own interpretation and are not a substitute for any type of professional services including medical, legal, financial, psychological or business. Readings by Emily are for guidance purposes and she will try her best to connect with Spirit using her intuitive and mediumistic ability to provide you with the best information she can.

$25 deposits are non-refundable and are required to ensure the space and time for your appointment. If Emily is unable to connect with you within the first 15 minutes of the reading, she will retain a $25 service deposit and refund the remainder amount to the client.

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Group Events & Private Demonstrations

Emily is available to do private demonstrations of Evidential Mediumship for small parties of 6 to 15 people and will also include individual sessions or mini-readings. Group events are priced at $250 per hour with a 2 hour minimum required. Events can include platform demonstrations of mediumship along with individual intuitive sessions with Emily. Emily is also available to do private one-on-one mini-readings for group parties or large events. For more information on pricing and scheduling, Contact Emily.

Spiritual Mentorship Packages

Have you always been curious about developing your spirituality? Would you like to know what your spiritual gifts are and how to develop them further? Would you like to have a spiritual mentor by your side helping you along the way?

As one of Emily's students you will receive undivided and individualized attention when you sign up for one of her Spiritual Mentorship Packages. She works with the highest of intentions to guide you in discovering and developing your spiritual gifts. Students report seeing results in just one day of working with her and feel strongly guided and at ease under Emily's direction.

Take a look at Packages to Book Your Mentorship with her and start your spiritual journey today!