In a session you & Emily will focus on:

1. Overall life purpose & path
2. Your Spiritual development including potential blocks & how to overcome/release them 
3. Next steps in career and purpose
4. Financial concerns & potential direction 
5. Connecting with Spirit Loved Ones 
6. Intuitive messages & guidance
7. Tools & Healing Exercises to get closure on the past  

The session will be by phone or Skype.

These sessions are highly effective as there are no distractions to cue into such as body language or facial expressions.

The comfort of being in your own home/office also supports the session as you will feel more at ease and relaxed for your session with Emily.

Emily takes pride in empowering her clients to move towards their life purpose and living a more balanced & happier life.

Her guidance and insight are not to be used as a substitute for professional help and counsel regarding grief, loss, mental or emotional health or overall well-being.


If you are ready to begin, simply click on the scheduler below to book an appointment. 



Note:**Emily does not answer questions about legal concerns, relationship affair/cheating issues, or provide medical diagnoses. If you are seeking insight on any of the following please consult a legal counselor, medical practitioner or relationship life coach.