I’m a personal mentor, author and mom. I live in Topanga, California with my husband and son. I’m obsessed with books, coffee and nature, particularly the desert. 

I’m just happy to be here to help you fulfill your greatest purpose. 


I am a yoga and meditation teacher, writer and also offer various styles of personalized coaching for women looking for clarity on their next steps. 

Mentorship is a 4 week virtual mentoring experience via Voxer, (a messaging app) where you receive:

  • Daily audio notes from me
  • Supportive insight 
  • Guided yoga nidra meditations personalized to your needs + heartfelt desires
  • Accountability check-ins and support in your steps ahead


I work with you via Zoom or Voxer, a free messaging app similar to Whatsapp.

I’m literally a mentor in your pocket. All you have to do is shoot me a message and I’m there!

I’m a sexual abuse survivor and unconsciously was looking for ways to heal and find peace.  My search took me on an intuitive spiritual journey to find freedom from my traumatic past and ultimately find myself. 

When I was 13 I had a vision one day I’d be sharing my story to help people heal and discover their unique purpose in the world. 

I truly believe that when we shift the world shifts too. People are looking for freedom from suffering and you just might have that gift, message and story to help them find it.