Spiritual Guidance Session 45 minute session offers  insight and guidance on career, purpose and inspirational messages from ancestors.
VIP 1:1 Mentoring  4 week virtual 1-on-1 mentoring experience
Become a Spiritual Life Coach Course This 32 week online self-paced courses teaches you step-by-step how to become a spiritual life coach and create a business with your gifts. 


Going into this 1-month mentorship program I didn’t have too much experience with meditation and connecting my intuitive self, but I knew that there was more of myself to get in touch with. I wanted to be able to live more wisely and mindfully by making decisions, communicating, maintaining relationships, etc. in a way that was conducive to what I truly want and need. I absolutely got what I needed to catapult my relationship with my inner self and would recommend this to almost anyone, as Emily caters the program to fit your specific interests and gifts.

Throughout the experience, I was provided invaluable tools like guided meditations (including breathwork) writing prompts, and inspirational talks that I will continue to practice. For me, it was important that I expressed the vulnerable side of myself and Emily made it so easy to trust her with not only her immense knowledge and experience on these subjects, but innate gifts to guide and connect with others. I never felt judged and always felt empowered. I was able to connect to different areas in my life that I I realize I wasn’t thinking clearly about, like my career path. Emily provided tools and exercises that helped me arrive at a conclusion about where my career should go. – Noura C.

Emily Stroia has the best of both worlds and working with her is the best of both worlds.

She is both a practical advisor and masterful intuitive as well as an expert communicator. She has the uncanny ability to distill your problems into practical solutions all while maintaining a laser sharp focus on both your ultimate objective and motivate clear inspired step by step follow through. Emily achieves all of this through the all-important lens of a true light worker – the lens of a heart centered, kind and generous and multi-faceted master. I’m so grateful to work with her! – Zsaz R.

Life affirming magic. Light and love. Joy, clarity, gratitude, and hope.
These are not just qualities I was able to experience while working with Emily Stroia, these are qualities she guided me to excavate- treasure she helped me uncover in my own heart.

Although deeply drawn to Emily’s work, when I signed up for mentorship, I didn’t know what to expect or even what I really wanted. Since I was a child and well into adulthood, I’d felt a troubling sense of spiritual darkness and fear. Despite trying and often succeeding in maintaining an outward positive attitude, this darkness had pulled me back repeatedly. Over the years, I had accumulated layers of shame and uncertainty.

Through a series of incredibly insightful questions, individually curated meditations, all in the safety of a space of ultimate respect and love, Emily guided me to unearth and transform key issues embedded in this darkness. I feel stronger spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. In addition, my creativity feels greatly unleashed. I am now confident that I will be true to myself by faithfully engaging in daily creative practice.

In a time of great uncertainty in the world, tremendous hope has improbably blossomed in my heart. If you feel an affinity with Emily Stroia’s work and words, please give yourself this amazing gift of mentorship. – Jennifer C.