If you look close enough, the answer to your life’s calling could be found in your story. 

There are identifying moments that shape and influence the way we see ourselves and what we choose to do in the world. 

For the longest time I wrapped my identity and purpose in what my career was. I wanted to follow my passion of helping people and if my work wasn’t doing well then I wasn’t doing well. 

Our life’s calling is deeper than our resumes. It is greater than your credentials and accomplishments. Your life’s calling is a nagging thought that comes back to you in waves because it is part of your gift on this planet. It is a moral responsibility to humanity that goes beyond what “you want” to do to what “you must” do. 

For many of the mentees I work with they all feel a greater calling to help people with their gift of intuition, creative vision and story. 

They have always felt a little different from their circle and know they are meant to help people on this planet find peace from suffering. When we look at their story, we see many moments where they were influenced by their own inner voice to make a difference in their communities, creative projects and career paths. 

Below is an exercise I use with my mentees to help discover your life’s calling.  

When you examine your story write down all of the moments that shaped you.

Childhood/Young Adult 

  • Who changed your life?
  • Who did you look up to?
  • What were you interested in growing up?
  • What books did you read? What music or artists have influenced you?
  • Who did you daydream you’d be when you grew up?
  • Were you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Did you find yourself listening more in conversations or actively speaking up? What were your passions? 


Answer the questions above now.

  • Who inspires you now?
  • What books do you have on your shelf?
  • What music do you listen to and why?
  • When you daydream about your future, beyond materialism what do you see yourself doing or creating?
  • Are you more of an extrovert or introvert?
  • Have you ever felt a calling to do something? What was it and why? What did it show you? 

 Notice the themes between your childhood, young adult to current reality. What does this reveal about your life’s calling?

Come back to your inner voice and have a dialogue with it. The answer lies there. When you start to listen and take action is when you begin to see where the truth is.